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Digol P. Deng
3804 North Hill PKWY
Atlanta, GA 30341
Tel: +1-404-862-8076

From the Founder..

My name is Digol Deng, and I am the Founder and President of a non-profit organization called Sudanese Refugee Children’s Foundation (“SSRCF”). My foundation is registered with the Secretary of State of Georgia and was created because of the strong need within the Sudanese community. Our foundation’s mission is to assist in the education of the refugee children from the Sudan who came to America due to the civil war. As you may be aware, this civil war has killed over 2 million people, and displaced 4 million people.

The foundation has done a great job of giving tuition to college students, as well as annually giving out a minimum of 300 backpacks. This annually backpack tradition assists our children as they prepare for the new school year. We are now collecting school supplies and backpacks to be sent to children in Sudan.

We would be extremely appreciative if your company would be wiling to help this great foundation by donating supplies and/or monetary gifts. My foundation has been recognized by US Weekly News magazine, and hope to be recognized by other media outlets in the future.

Here is a little more information about what is happening in Sudan:

In 1984 when the civil war broke out in Sudan between the Southern Sudanese rebels and the government of Sudan, the fight took place inside the Southern Sudan, Blue Nile, and the Nubia Mountain. Most of the schools and admonitions were wounded and destroyed by the war. Much of the region had become a war zone, many civilians were killed due to cross fire.

Because of this war zone, many fled into neighboring countries and lived there as refugees. Now, after 22 years, these citizens were able to go back to their hometown. Now they have to start their lives all over and rebuild their homes, as well as their schools. My hometown is called Ulang and is located in Ulang County of Upper Nile. The primary school district in Ulang County holds over 1,270 orphan children. Longechuk County of Upper Nile holds over 700 orphan children. These schools are in great need of these supplies, backpacks, uniforms, shoes, backboards, markers, desks and chairs.

Your assistance too will go a long way to help many children lives in Sudan. We are proud to have received assistance in the past from great individuals, franchises, small businesses and children in America. Without assistance, we are unable to touch and empower our future, which is our children. My late father was assistant superintendent in Ulang primary school and had helped many children in our town. He taught them and prepared them for a better future.

Unfortunately, my father died with health problem during the war. I am here today to follow in my father’s footsteps to help the needy children in my hometown of Ulang.

All funds can be made payable to: Sudanese Refugee Children’s Foundation and can be mailed to: 3104 North Hill Parkway, Atlanta, GA 30341.

South Sudanese Refugee Children’s Foundation, INC is non-profit charity organization registered with IRS as a 501 (c) (3) here in the USA, and with the government of South Sudan,your contribution and support to poor and orphan children from Sudan will make a deference in child life and will be extremely grateful. If you would like to donate online, please follow this link:



Digol Gak Deng
Founder and President (“SSRCF”)